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Avatar Lineart by StrawberryPanda2 Avatar Lineart :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 0 0 Sophia Lineart by StrawberryPanda2 Sophia Lineart :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 1 0 Wolverine GB by StrawberryPanda2 Wolverine GB :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 2 0 Nightcrawler GB by StrawberryPanda2 Nightcrawler GB :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 2 0 Alone by StrawberryPanda2 Alone :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 1 0 A Helping Hand by StrawberryPanda2 A Helping Hand :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 1 0 All Tied Up by StrawberryPanda2
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All Tied Up :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 0 0
Miss Maid by StrawberryPanda2 Miss Maid :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 1 0 Gunslinger by StrawberryPanda2 Gunslinger :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 1 0
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Endra's Harem :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 1 0
Eulice and Eurie by StrawberryPanda2
Mature content
Eulice and Eurie :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 0 0
A Day With Kurori...
"You! You damn fox!" Said fox sighed and grinned up at the human.
"I'm actually a red fox but I might just be related to damn foxes." The boy, Aaron if Kitsune remembered correctly, growled at her and kicked.
"I'll kill you!" Kitsune laughed at him openly, taunting him further.
"Thanks. That felt wonderful. But not nearly as wonderful as your mother did last night." Aaron went to kick her but the grinning fox was already running. "I didn't know people still fell for that kind of lame taunt!" She cackled as Aaron chased after her.
"You're dead, Kitsune!" The fox, long used to pissing off others ran through twisting turns and alleys that would get her lost later on. Of course, it'd get Aaron lost earlier.
As she skidded through an alley and started to run down it Kitsune ran into something. Angry, and about to cuss out the dumbass standing in some random alley for no reason, she followed his leg up, up, up to a...Was he missing an eye? Woah. His hand. Zombie!
"What is this?" Kitsune felt
:iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 1 5
The thoughts that twirl around and around in my head repeat themselves. It's so unsatisfying. The loneliness and boredom is nothing but redundant and it drives me crazy.
Every day is a strong will to lay in bed. Ignore all of the annoying humans that buzz around like flies. All of them are worthless anyways. Just like me.
I don't like being here. I don't like doing this.
The confusion engulfs me day in and day out. I'm spiraling out of control until I can't see the other side anymore. Everything is topsy-turvey and I'm ready to make it all go away.
Yet I can't. It's a battle just getting up in the morning. I know what I should do and what I shouldn't, but I want to do what I shouldn't so bad. But, in the end, I do what I should. But that battle was so hard that I can't even keep fighting.
My spirit is at its limit. Dealing with the day is harder than ever before. All of the people are killing me. All of the small things are driving me crazy. I'm sick with it.
I feel like puking every s
:iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 2 7
Old English
Me: Yes. I thought I had already proven my undying love but it seems that is not the case.
Kyra-honey: Hmm... I accept bribes?
Me: Then ask what you wish of me, my love. I would give my life but for the fact I could give no longer.
Kyra-honey: Ooh, nice wording. I need to remember that :-D
Me: My heart is given to break at the hidden poison buried deep within your words. Twould that I lock you upon the cage of my love lest you betray what joy I carry?
Kyra-honey: I would sooner destroy the finest masterpiece upon the land than thy fair, precious heart. I would that I be locked in thy love's cage, and you in mine,
Kyra-honey: that we may ne'er be parted.
Kyra-honey: and our hearts be fore'ermore intertwined.
Me: And how would you have me? Your lover? Your love? Be I your slave or your heart's desire? The thought rends and tears. I would sooner cast my pride to fire than hold your beauty to me and me alone. Silence! I can bear no longer the conflict within my heart! Should I but have you
:iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 3 0
Dear Fox Chapter 1
Aras stood tall next to her dear friend, Megumi. Together, they looked into the distance to determine the weather. Being a fox, Aras had already sniffed the air. It seemed it was only going to be windy.
The fox turned to enter the cabin but their partners, Mimiko and Yoru, stood in her way. The wolves pressed Aras into rapport with them.
"Aras," the voice was Yoru's. "We have a client." Mimiko and Yoru's range, when together, far surpassed Aras's. By default Aras far surpassed Megumi. The orange and white haired woman looked at her apprentice.
"Megumi, we have a client." Megumi snapped out of her daze and grinned at Aras.
"Got it, Aras!" the girl ran inside to prepare the general cures. Once the black and blonde spikes disappeared through the door Aras entered rapport with the wolves once more.
"So why didn't you include Megumi? What else is there?" The wolves exchanged looks.
"There are akuma. Their orders are to find you." Mimiko touched her nose to Aras's hip. "I think it's time Meg
:iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 0 0
My First Fox by StrawberryPanda2 My First Fox :iconstrawberrypanda2:StrawberryPanda2 2 0


Kurt/Ororo/Logan Comic by crow821 Kurt/Ororo/Logan Comic :iconcrow821:crow821 176 30 OC DUMP 2014 by Re-SilverFlare OC DUMP 2014 :iconre-silverflare:Re-SilverFlare 114 12 100 Writing Prompts Challenge by Sunshockk 100 Writing Prompts Challenge :iconsunshockk:Sunshockk 595 185
100 Writing Prompts
1. The love that you give
2. Life is a journey
3. Rustling leaves
4. The clank of glassware
5. Remembrance
6. Homage
7. When we began
8. Reasons
9. Bad Times
10. Doing what has to be done.
11. Forever
12. The stars above
13. Guitar
14. Penny
15. Large Shirt
16. Towel
17. Heaven
18. Gaze
19. Heart Strings
20. Prayer
21. Post-Its
22. Graduation
23. Longing
24. Bread
25. Shout
26. Climb
27. Jar
28. Antiseptic
29. Sickness
30. Snow Globe
31. Golden Microphone
32. Phonograph
33. Bandanna
34. "For as long as you live."
35. Plastic
36. Escalator
37. Leather Jackets
38. Grease
39. Cord
40. Cup
41. Solar Powered
42. Iron Maidens
43. Bought and Sold
44. Blinders
45. Corsage
46. Wiring
47. Cottage
48. Valentines
49. Lanterns
50. Diversion
51. How?
52. Inversion
53. Alert
54. Putting it to rest.
55. Look around you.
56. "Still My Guitar Gently Weeps." ~~George Harrison
57. Shock
58. Breaking Down
59. Kiss
60. Boxes
61. Shovel
62. Dance in the rain
63. A Catch-22
64. Sorrow
65. Touch
66. Fit to be
:iconlevonanthony:LevonAnthony 165 10
Suzaku by alchemaniac Suzaku :iconalchemaniac:alchemaniac 6,766 212 Dean X Sam color by Rogoon007 Dean X Sam color :iconrogoon007:Rogoon007 504 164 _D.Gray-Man x FanFiction.NET_ by ChikitaWolf _D.Gray-Man x FanFiction.NET_ :iconchikitawolf:ChikitaWolf 287 404 Snarry kiss by Ollireds Snarry kiss :iconollireds:Ollireds 445 34 Severus x Harry - Hunter cover by Marie-Angele Severus x Harry - Hunter cover :iconmarie-angele:Marie-Angele 1,244 237 Snarry Yon Koma by accio-quill-and-ink Snarry Yon Koma :iconaccio-quill-and-ink:accio-quill-and-ink 90 0 Looking back by yukipon Looking back :iconyukipon:yukipon 505 8 Flames by yukipon Flames :iconyukipon:yukipon 769 40 Rough: Snarry 1 by yukipon Rough: Snarry 1 :iconyukipon:yukipon 262 4 Rain by yukipon Rain :iconyukipon:yukipon 1,763 145 Snarry 7 by Ma-kosh Snarry 7 :iconma-kosh:Ma-kosh 793 95 takamin snarry love letter by woshibbdou takamin snarry love letter :iconwoshibbdou:woshibbdou 314 16




Catherine Householder
United States
Favourite style of art: Mature, Dark
Favourite cartoon character: Lightning Farron
Personal Quote: "Life is only fun if you live it." -Me


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